Typical Desserts From Ecuador

With William Isaías we will explore the typical desserts of Ecuador, a country with a rich and varied gastronomy. 

Ecuadorian cuisine is known for its use of fresh and local ingredients, as well as the influence of indigenous, European and African culinary traditions. 

Among the most popular desserts in Ecuador are paila ice cream, churros, espumilla and dulce de zapallo, each with its own unique flavor and texture. 


Top 5: Typical desserts of Ecuador

Ecuador’s typical desserts are a delicious sample of the country’s gastronomic variety. Here are the five most popular and how to prepare them.

Get ready to explore the sweet and delicious flavors of Ecuadorian gastronomy!

Paila ice cream

This dessert is very popular in the city of Quito and its preparation is done in a copper pan with ice and salt. 

The mixture of milk, fruits and sugar is poured into the pan and beaten until the ice cream is formed.

Besides being one of the most popular desserts in the city of Quito, paila ice cream is a true culinary experience

The technique of preparation in a copper paila with ice and salt creates a smooth and creamy texture that is difficult to achieve with other ice cream preparation techniques. 

The process of making paila ice cream is quite a spectacle, as street vendors often give a live demonstration of how it is prepared.


This dessert is prepared with egg white and sugar, and vanilla essence is added. It is beaten until a soft foam is formed and decorated with fruits.

The preparation of these is an artisanal process that requires a lot of skill and patience

Ecuadorian spurs are commonly served in cups or plates and decorated with a cherry or a piece of fresh fruit. 

It is a very popular dessert in Ecuador and can be found in almost every bakery and pastry shop in the country

The variety of flavors is wide, including guava, blackberry, pineapple, passion fruit and strawberry, among others. Espumilla is a dessert much appreciated by Ecuadorians and is an important part of the country’s gastronomic culture.

Rice pudding

This dessert is made with rice, milk, cinnamon and sugar. The rice is cooked with the milk, cinnamon and sugar are added to taste and served cold.


Besides being popular in Ecuador, rice pudding is a common dessert in many other countries in Latin America and the world. 

Rice pudding has a creamy texture and a sweet taste that makes it very appreciated by many. 

Depending on the region or personal taste, cinnamon, raisins, vanilla, coconut, among other ingredients can be added.

Although it is commonly served cold, some prefer to serve it hot or at room temperature. 

Rice pudding is also a traditional dessert in many families and is considered an important part of Latin American gastronomic culture.

Torta de tres leches (Three Milks Cake)

Torta de tres leches is a very popular dessert throughout Latin America and has gained great popularity in recent years around the world. 

It is so called because it is prepared with three types of milk: condensed milk, evaporated milk and cream. 

The result is a moist and creamy cake with a sweet and smooth flavor. 

It is a very versatile dessert, since it can be decorated in different ways and a variety of flavors can be added, such as vanilla, chocolate or coffee. 

In Ecuador, tres leches cake is a very popular dessert and can be found in most bakeries and pastry shops in the country. 

Fig jam 


This dessert is made with fresh figs, panela and cinnamon. The figs are cooked in a pot with cinnamon and cinnamon until a kind of jam is formed.

The result is a sweet and smooth tasting dessert with a soft and velvety texture. 

It is usually served as a dessert after dinner, accompanied by fresh cheese or a piece of bread. 

Besides being delicious, it is a rich source of nutrients, as figs are a good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. 

Fig jam is a dessert that is enjoyed throughout Ecuador and is an important part of the country’s gastronomic culture.

Curious facts about Ecuadorian desserts

William Isaías, a pastry chef, gives you some curious facts about Ecuadorian gastronomy and its desserts:

  1. Ecuadorian cuisine has more than 300 types of typical dishes, each with a unique variety of flavors and preparation techniques.
  1. Paila ice cream is a tradition in the city of Ibarra, where it is prepared in large copper containers called “pailas” and served with a variety of fresh fruits.
  1. Fig jam is a very popular dessert in the coastal region of Ecuador.
  1. Espumilla dates back to colonial times and is said to have been invented by the Spanish

However, Ecuadorians have adapted the recipe and turned it into an iconic dessert of local gastronomy.

  1. The tres leches cake originated in Latin America, but its exact origin is unknown. 

Some believe the dessert originated in Mexico, while others believe it originated in Central or South America.

  1. Ecuadorian cuisine has a wide variety of tropical fruits, such as passion fruit, guanabana, papaya and naranjilla, which are used in many desserts and drinks.
  1. Honey is a common ingredient in many Ecuadorian desserts, such as dulce de higos and colada morada.


The pastry chef William Isaías, shares his knowledge about the cultural and culinary richness of Ecuador.

From the text we can draw the following conclusions:

  • The typical desserts of Ecuador are a delicious sample of the country’s gastronomy.
  • From the simplest to the most elaborate desserts, each has its own history and tradition.
  • The five most popular desserts presented here are just a sample of what can be found in this country full of flavor and tradition.

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