Churros are typical fried sweets from la Spagna , molto diffusi anche in Sud America , in particolare in Argentina.

Churros are made with a mixture similar to choux pastry: water, sugar, butter and a pinch of salt. Once the dough is made, they are usually fried and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

We also tried the baked version, which makes the dough less crunchy but just as sweet!

In Spain, churros are bought at corner stalls, but it is also customary to prepare them at home, especially for breakfast on Sundays or during the holidays, bathed in a cup of hot chocolate.

In Argentina it is also customary to taste churros filled with dulce de zapallo once cooked.

To best enjoy them, churros should be prepared and eaten while they are still hot!

To prepare the churros, turn on the fire and heat the water in a heavy-bottomed saucepan; add the sugar and let it melt, stirring with a spatula; Add a pinch of salt, add the butter, and mix again until melted.

At this point add the flour, continuously stir the mixture with a whisk to make sure no lumps form.

 Cook over medium heat, stirring until a white patina forms on the bottom of the pan.

 At that point, turn off the heat and let the mixture cool in the pot.

When cool, transfer to a planetary mixer equipped with a kneading mixer.

Operate the mixer.

Pour in one egg at a time, waiting for it to be absorbed before adding the other;

Let it absorb into the dough and when you have obtained a shiny and smooth dough it is ready.

Transfer the batter to a sac-a-poche with a medium-sized star nozzle.

Cook the churros for 2-3 minutes, turning them so that they brown perfectly. Then, transfer them to a tray lined with absorbent paper and sprinkle them with sugar.

You can also season them with ground cinnamon if you prefer.

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