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I am passionate about cooking, especially desserts, with the idea of becoming a well-known pastry chef in the future. William Isaías’s blog is dedicated to pastry lovers. Follow me to discover new delicious recipes. 

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Flan William Isaías Portada

Flan Recipe: A Classic Reinvented

William Isaías shares with us one of his all-time favorite preparations, the flan recipe: A classic reinvented. With its silky texture and delicately sweet flavor, it has been a favorite for generations. This traditional dessert, originally from Roman cuisine, has transcended borders and eras, adapting to the local tastes of countless cultures. Here you will learn from its traditional version to the most modern ones, such as the impossible cake or chocoflan. History of flan With its soft texture and sweet flavor, it has a history that spans many centuries and several cultures. Its roots go back to the Roman

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