New Years Dessert Ideas

Pastry chef William Isaías, shares with us New Year’s dessert ideas that will add a touch of magic to your celebration. 

From the bubbly notes of Champagne Cake with Fresh Fruits to the heavenly softness of profiteroles in their original recipe

These creations are designed to delight the senses and make your evening unforgettable.

Champagne cake with fresh fruits for New Year’s Day

New Years Dessert ideas William Isaías

Let’s start the celebration with the effervescent elegance of a Champagne Tart with Fresh Fruit. 

The fluffiness of the cake provides the perfect base for this exquisite duo of flavors.

To create the Fresh Fruit Champagne Cake, start with a fluffy sponge cake base. 

Then incorporate champagne into the mixture, infusing the cake with festive notes. Bake to a golden, fluffy texture

Garnish with a variety of fresh fruit, from juicy strawberries to vibrant kiwis, creating a visual masterpiece. 

Finish with a touch of sparkle with a light champagne glaze.

Raspberry cream éclairs for New Year’s Day

For a refined pastry experience, nothing beats the sophistication of Raspberry Cream Éclairs. 

These delicate pastries, filled with a smooth raspberry cream, offer a perfect balance between sweet and fruity.


The preparation of William Isaiah’s Raspberry Cream Éclairs is a dance of refined flavors. 

It begins with the creation of the choux pastry, whose crunchy texture is balanced by a soft and delicate raspberry cream. 

After baking the éclairs to golden perfection, they are filled with the irresistible raspberry cream. 

Finally, they are topped with a final touch of powdered sugar.

Creating a symphony of sweetness and freshness that will make every bite an exquisite pleasure.

Chocolate and orange truffles for New Year’s Day

Delight your palate with the irresistible indulgence of Chocolate Orange Truffles. 

The seductive mixture of a dark chocolate type and the citrusy touch of orange creates little gems of flavor. 

These truffles are the perfect choice for those looking for a New Year’s treat.

New Years Dessert William Isaías


The creation of Chocolate Orange Truffles begins with the fusion of indulgent dark chocolate and the citrus essence of orange. 

The chocolate is melted into a silky ganache, then orange zest is incorporated to infuse each truffle with its distinctive aroma. 

After the mixture is cooled, small spheres are formed and rolled in cocoa powder, creating an outer layer that adds subtle contrast. 

The result is a decadent treat that combines the intensity of chocolate with the vibrancy of orange in every bite, transforming each truffle into a little treasure of indulgence.

Raspberry and White Chocolate Macarons

Raspberry and White Chocolate Macarons are small delicacies that combine crunchiness with softness. 

The crunchy almond meets a smooth white chocolate ganache and the vibrant flavor of raspberry, creating an explosion of flavors in every bite.

macarons William Isaías


It starts with the careful mixing of ground almond and powdered sugar to form the crunchy base. 

French meringue, with firm peaks, is incorporated with the almond mixture to create perfectly round discs. 

After baking, the macarons are paired and filled with a silky white chocolate and raspberry ganache. 

The combination of crunchy, smooth and fruity in each bite makes these macarons an unparalleled experience.

Perfect for adding an elegant touch to any New Year’s Eve celebration.

Hazelnut cream stuffed profiteroles for New Year’s Day

Close the celebration with the heavenly indulgence of Hazelnut Cream Filled Profiteroles. 

Delicate choux pastry is filled with a rich, smooth hazelnut cream.

As a pastry chef, each of these desserts has been designed with love and creativity to offer a unique culinary experience on this special occasion. 

Remember that presentation is key; decorate your creations with fresh fruit, mint leaves or hints of chocolate to add a final touch of sophistication.

How to prepare 

Hazelnut Cream Filled Profiteroles begin with the creation of the choux pastry, a mixture of water, butter and flour that is cooked to a smooth consistency. 

After shaping into small portions, they are baked to golden crisp perfection. 

The next step involves filling these delicate morsels with a rich, silky hazelnut cream

Finally, they are topped with a shower of powdered sugar, creating a dessert that fuses crunchy, creamy and sweet in every bite.


William Isaías shares his favorite desserts for the holidays. From the article we can draw the following conclusions:

  • These New Year’s desserts are masterpieces that elevate the celebration to a level of sophistication;
  • the preparation of each dessert is a culinary art, with meticulous processes that seek to balance textures;
  • the visual presentation of these desserts not only pleases the taste but also the eye;
  • these desserts are a celebration of pastry as an art form.

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